NOTE: Cd’s are not sold via online retailers, only at concerts and via e-mail requests.


Energetic Boogie, Lasse’s debut album, is available now (tracklist below).  It’s available at all Lasse’s live gigs!

  1. I’m the Boogie Man (V. Weber)
  2. Boogie Woogie Be With Me (A. Zwingenberger)
  3. Voodoo Man (L. E. Jensen/R. Weaver)
  4. Mr. Pinetop’s Job (V. Weber)
  5. Swanee River Boogie (S. Foster)
  6. Poet’s Corner Blues (L. E. Jensen)
  7. Energetic Boogie (L. E. Jensen)
  8. Baby Gone Blues (L. E. Jensen)
  9. In the Heat (A. Zwingenberger)
  10. St. Louis Blues (W C. Handy)
  11. Boogie Du Printemps (A. Zwingenberger)



Boogie on the Rocks

I’m very happy to present you all: Boogie on the Rocks.
Unlike the “Energetic Boogie”, I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Denmark’s best bass-player, Hugo Rasmussen, as well as the Scottish, English, Danish drummer and comedian, Tom McEwan. It was recorded in Jesper Mejlvang’s studio in Listed ( on the Danish isle of “Bornholm”, which is the only place in Denmark where you can find cliffs (rocks). Naturally, we had to call the album “Boogie on the Rocks”.
I hope you will enjoy listening to this record as much as I enjoyed making it!
  1. Boogie on the Rocks (L. E. Jensen)
  2. Morning Boogie (L. E. Jensen)
  3. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (R. Toombs / Arr. L. E. Jensen)
  4. Listed Blues (L. E. Jensen)
  5. Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Trad./ Arr. L. E. Jensen)
  6. Lazy Stride (L. E. Jensen)
  7. Bösendorfer Boogie (L. E. Jensen)
  8. Low Dirty Down Blues (L. E. Jensen)
  9. Eldorado Stomp (A. Zwingenberger)
  10. Blues for Hugo (L. E. Jensen/ H. Rasmussen)
  11. The Sheif of Araby (T. Snyder/ Arr. L. E. Jensen)